Dr. Bill Bommer

Managing Partner


Bill Bommer holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Indiana University and also a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from Bowling Green State University. He is currently the managing partner of Collegiate Assessment Partners (CAPs). His consulting experience spans a twenty-five year period. Bill has conducted leadership programs for senior managers at a variety of organizations, including Centers for Disease Control, Cooper Industries, Promina Healthcare, Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., SITA, BP-Amoco, and numerous other organizations. In addition, he has developed executive education programs, created in-house training for multiple manufacturing firms across the United States and served as Accenture’s subject matter expert in preparing a financial management training system for BellSouth. His research has been published in a number of leading academic journals including Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Personnel Psychology, Organization Science, and the Journal of Management. The focus of his research is on transformational leadership and interpersonal skills in the work place.