Online Assessment Center

Online Assessment Center

To adapt to online programs, CAPs has developed a fully online skills assessment to measure soft skills in an online environment. Thousands of participants have completed our online assessment center. All assessments are conducted synchronously with participants accessing a proprietary email simulator system and then using standard video conference tools to participate in multiple meetings and deliver an individual presentation.

The skills assessed by Iliad were among the most common learning objectives identified in a survey of business school deans. The specific skills assessed during Iliad are:

  • Decision-Making
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership Initiative
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Attention to Detail
  • Prioritization
  • Writing Quality

Due to the large database of individuals assessed, an important feature of the Iliad Assessment Center is the ability to provide (norm referenced) feedback relative to all students in our database. These results can be interpreted at both the individual and the college level for maximum flexibility and utility.

For colleges, Iliad data can be used to measure assurance of learning (AOL) goals, and as a key part of a continuous improvement process. For students, Iliad data provide meaningful benchmarks for career development. CAPs offers universities a rare combination – an efficient and valid assessment tool, which benefits individual students as well.

  • The online Iliad assessment center uses a minimum of university resources or faculty time.
  • Trained assessors (graduate education), external to your university, provide all ratings.
  • The online assessment requires only basic technology for participants (i.e., a computer with a webcam and an internet connection capable of standard videoconferencing).
  • Pretest-posttest assessments can be made to evaluate the skill progression of participants.
  • All materials are specific to the participant via our proprietary email simulator.
  • Scoring is fast, efficient and multifaceted feedback is provided for both administrators and participants.
  • Results can be used for both individual and program assessment.