Curriculum Reviews

The Purpose of Curriculum Reviews

What We’ve Developed

The purpose of the CAPs curriculum review is to provide schools of business with an external perspective on the strategic alignment of curriculum against mission driven intentions and educational goals. We collect data regarding the core requirements of graduate degree programs, and provide an analysis and recommendations across three key indicators

Key Indicators

  1. Mission and learning objectives: We assess the alignment of the programmatic mission and learning objectives with the composition of the curricula.
  2. Accrediting body curricular content: We examine a program’s curricula from the perspective of accreditation, with an eye towards ensuring appropriate content.
  3. Managerial competencies: We report on the alignment of curricular requirements with relevancy data capturing the most important managerial competencies.

CAPs customizes these reports to meet the specific needs of business schools, including collecting benchmark data from peer or aspirational institutions.

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