Consulting Services

CAPs Consulting Services

Individualized Consulting Services

Because every case is unique, we also offer individualized consulting services. To provide the best services available, we partner with people who have “really been there”. In other words, we partner with current and former university administrators who also have had accreditation and/or school mentorship responsibilities. In this way, we provide an “insider’s view” to the process, matching you with a consultant to get the assistance needed at any stage of the accreditation process.

In certain cases, it is helpful to also have consultants involved who have served on accreditation teams. Our partners have numerous site visits and accreditation committees under their belts. Normally, these consultants can save you time, money, and ease the path to accreditation by showing you practical solutions to some of the stickiest problems faced by administrators in colleges of business.

Additional Types of Service Offerings

Our consulting services also include a substantial array of customized products for MBA and Executive MBA programs. Beyond the services described elsewhere on this site, we are also able to provide customized coaching packages, more in-depth individualized assessment packages, and in some cases instructional support. Please contact us for a better understanding of our fully customized solutions.